All Occasions Signs now offers 3-D, full-bodied PINK FLAMINGOS,  DINOSAURS, COWS, PIGGIES, TEDDY BEARS, HEARTS,  and PENGUINS . Your order includes as many full-bodied flamingos or dinosaurs as you need and a yard card with a message. These are “customer pick up only”. That means, you come and get them, you set them up and you bring them back. You get them for 3 days, the day you pick up, the day you put out, and the day you bring back. We ask that you please have them back by noon.

Pricing is the same as one-day rentals but you get 3 days. See pricing page.


Happy (age) birthday (name)! Milk it for all it’s worth! …….Holy Cow (name) is (age) now! Happy Birthday! …….(Name) don’t have a cow you’re only (age) now! Happy Birthday! …….Happy Birthday (name)! Hope your day is udderly fabulous! …….(Name) it’s your birthday! Milk it for all it’s worth! …….Party til the cows come home! …….
(Name’s) over the hill and out to pasture! …….
(name) is Over the Hill & Out To Pasture! Happy Birthday! …….

We herd (name’s) Anniversary is here! …….
(Name) we are mooooved by your love! Happy Anniversary! …….
(Name’s) Hope your Anniversary is udderly fabulous! …….
Your married (20) years, party till the cows come home…….!
(Name’s), it’s your anniversary! Milk it for all it’s worth! …….
Holy cow, (name’s) graduated …….
It’s udderly fantastic! (Name’s) graduated!
Have you herd the Moos? (Name’s) graduated! …….

3D Piggies
Happy (age) Birthday (name) hogs and kisses…….
(Name) it’s no big squeal to be (age) Happy Birthday!…….
Someone squealed – it’s (name’s) (age) Birthday! …….
Happy Birthday (name)! Pig out and go Hog wild! …….
We’ve gone Hog Wild to wish you a Happy Birthday! …….

Customer Pick up

3D Dinos

No bones about it (name) is (age) today! …….
Have a Dino_Mite (age) birthday (name) …….
Welcome to Geriatric Park (name), Happy ___Birthday! …….
Prehistoric but not extinct. Happy (age) Birthday (name) …….

3D Flamingos

We’re tickled pink to hear you are (age) today! Happy Birthday!
Flocks of love on your (#) Birthday (name)!
The flocks all here to wish you good cheer!
We flew in for (name’s) (age) birthday! Happy Birthday!
Happy flockin’ (age) birthday, (name)!
Happy (year) Birthday! You’ve just been flocked!
Flocks of love on your (age) birthday (name)!
Happy (age) birthday (name)! You’ve been flocked!

Flocks of love on your graduation (name)!
The flocks in shock! (Name’s) Graduated!

New home
We flew in to welcome (name) on their new nest!
There goes the neighborhood!

Attention, Attention, (Name) can now get his pension!

Hearts 3-D

3D Hearts

Our hearts go out to (name) she/he’s (age) today Happy Birthday!
(Name) is a real sweetheart at (age)! Happy Birthday!
(Name’s) still a heartthrob at (age)! Happy Birthday!
(Name’s) still young at heart! Happy (age) Birthday!

Happy (year) Anniversary (name) love (name)
(Name’s) still young at heart! Happy (year) Anniversary!

Our hearts go out to you on your (year) Anniversary!
(Name’s) are real sweethearts! Happy Anniversary!
With love, sweat and tears (name’s) made it (40) years!
(Name’s) (30) years of hugs and kisses!
We can heartly believe it’s (name’s) Anniversary!
(Name) is a real sweetheart! Happy Graduation!
Our hearts go out to (name) she/he’s finally graduated!
We can heartly believe it! (Name’s) graduated!
Congratulations (name)!

Penguins 3-D

3D Penguins

Chill out (name), it’s cool to be (age), Happy Birthday!
(Name) Have the coolest birthday ever!
Time to chill (name) cause you’re over the hill at (age)
(Name’s) still chillin’ at (age) Happy Birthday!
Flocks of love on your (age) Birthday (name)
We’re all dressed up to wish (name) a Happy birthday!

To a couple married in the ice ages! Happy Anniversary!
Time to chill (name) You made it (40) years!
(Name’s) still chillin’ after (age) years Happy Anniversary!
Have a really cool (age) Anniversary (name’s)
Flocks of love on your (age) Anniversary (name
(Name’s) Have the coolest anniversary ever!

Isn’t it cool? (Name) is finally through with high school!
Isn’t it cool? (Name) has graduated high school!
Flocks of love on your graduation (name)
The flocks in shock! (Name’s) Graduated!

Teddies - Hearts

Teddies and Hearts

Have a Beary Happy____ Birthday _____!
Bear Hugs & kisses ____ . Happy ___ Birthday!
You’re the Beary best. Happy ___ Birthday!